Special Forces

I worked as the Creative Director (Art) alongside CD Travis Wade (Copy) to highlight 3 career tracks within the Special Forces division of the U.S. Air Force.

We filmed at real bases, with real equipment and Air Force personnel.

The film production had to be carefully choreographed to work as a motion capture and story element within the VR game.

Creative Director (Art), Creative Technologist

We created a 4D VR experience that included haptics, heat and wind, and immersive game play to bring our broadcast efforts to life.

Along with working as a Creative Director for the broadcast spots, I worked to concept game play and the integration of the film with the technical requirements of the VR production.

Wild Life, the great production partner on this project, brought everything together in Unreal Engine.

For the broadcast spots, our goal was to create a simultaneously more real world and cinematic feel than generally seen in military commercials.

The live action shots, fight choreography and explosions all worked to demonstrate the incredible training these Airmen had received.