U.S. Air Force

I lead many of the digital and experiential marketing and recruitment efforts for our client the U.S. Air Force while at one of the largest agencies in the Southwest - GSD&M.

I was the Director of Experience for projects including Airforce.com, AROFTC.com, numerous broadcast spots, VR/AR experiential activations, and social campaigns.

Our efforts helped exceed recruitment goals year over year throughout the relationship (14 years and counting).
Director of Experience

A cutting-edge digital experience that combines elements of gaming, long-form storytelling and personalized journeys for every user increased the conversion rate of applicants by 60%.

I lead the UX and design for airforce.com - the most effective (and awarded) military recruitment sites in the world.

Over the course of 10 years I worked as either Creative Director or Director of Experience for the U.S. Air Force's gaming, experiential and digital storytelling efforts.

I played a key role in UX, design and technology decisions for projects using motion capture, haptic devices, and VR/AR.

From social campaigns to sites for AFROTC.com and the Air Force Accademy.